The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.

Episode: 3.2

TitleOnly You

Written by:  Ellen Herman

Directed by: Bill D'Elia

Aired:  September 30, 1991

Log Line: Chris emits a sexual scent which causes all women to lust after him—all but the visiting optometrist.  Perplexed by her lack of attraction, Chris suddenly wants only her. Maurice once again accuses Holling of stealing Shelly from him, leaving only Shelly to set the record straight.

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Episode: 3.1

Title: The Bumpy Road to Love

Written by:  Martin Sage and Sybil Adelman

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired:  September 23, 1991

Log Line: Maggie discovers the late Rick was unfaithful and proceeds to distrust all men; Maurice's tax indiscretion could destroy his relationship with Officer Semanski; while Joel is toted off to the woods to play marriage counselor to wildman-chef extraordinaire Adam and his hypochrondiacal wife, Eve.

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We have reached the end of season two! In this podcast episode, we discuss themes and arcs of the season, and we reveal our favourite and least favourite moments, characters...everything.

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Episode: 2.7

Title: Slow Dance

Written by:  Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed by: David Carson

Aired:  May 20, 1991

Log Line: The curse of Maggie has struck again and poor Rick is the victim of "death by falling satellite."

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Episode: 2.6

Title: War and Peace

Written by:  Robin Green and Henry Bromell

Directed by: Bill D'Elia

Aired:  May 13, 1991

Log Line: Passages from War and Peace are woven into the lives of Cicely's residents and visitors, who experience Tolstoyesque nightmares and Dostoyevskian passions.

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Episode: 2.5

Title: Spring Break

Written by:  David Assael 

Directed by: Rob Thompson

Aired:  May 6, 1991

Log Line: Temporary madness sweeps through Cicely as the townfolk await the ice meltdown and the arrival of spring.

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Episode: 2.4

Title: What I Did For Love

Written by:  Ellen Herman

Directed by: Steve Robman

Aired:  April 29, 1991

Plot Summary: Maggie dreams that Joel is going to die in a plane crash, while a visitor comes to town to see Maurice.

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Episode: 2.3

Title: All is Vanity

Written by:  Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired:  April 22, 1991

Plot Summary: Maggie's father comes into town, Holling decides to have a circumcision, and the townspeople ponder death.

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Episode: 2.2

Title: The Big Kiss

Written by:  Henry Bromell

Directed by: Sandy Smolan

Aired:  April 15, 1991

Plot Summary: Chris loses his voice in a surprising way, and Ed searches for his parents.

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Episode: 2.1

Title: Goodbye to All That

Written by:  Robin Green

Directed by:  Stuart Margolin

Aired:  April 8, 1991

Plot Summary: Joel receives a letter from Elaine, while Shelly develops an alarming addiction.

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In this episode, we discuss the Northern Exposure and its oft compared counterpart, Twin Peaks. 

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In this wrap up of season one, we discuss common themes, favourites and least favourites.

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Episode: 1.8

Title: Aurora Borealis

Written by:  Charles Rosin

Directed by:  Peter O'Fallon

Aired:  August 30, 1990

Plot Summary:  The whole town is troubled by the full moon. Joel is stranded in the wilderness at night and encounters a surprising figure, while Chris finds a surprising connection with a visiting stranger from Portland.

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Episode: 1.7

Title: A Kodiak Moment

Written by:  Steve Wasserman and Jessica Klein

Directed by:  Max Tash

Aired:  August 23, 1990

Plot Summary: Maurice contemplates his own mortality, Holling is on the hunt for Jesse the Bear, and Maggie and Joel lead a childbirth class.

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Episode: 1.6

Title: "Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes"

Written by: Joshua Brand and John Falsey

Directed by: Sandy Smolan

Date Aired: August 16, 1990

Plot Summary:  Shelly's hockey-playing husband makes a surprise visit, Rick thinks he might be the next victim of Maggie's curse, and Ed has writer's block.

Show Notes: Elaine Miles talks about her dancing scene in Radiance Magazine here.

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Episode: 1.5

Title:  “Russian Flu”

Written by: David Assael

Directed by: David Carson

Date Aired: August 9, 1990

Plot Summary:  A mysterious flu takes over the whole town, while Joel tries to have a romantic weekend with his fiancé Elaine, who is visiting from New York.

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Episode: 1.4

Title:  “Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens”

Written by: Sean Clark

Directed by: Dan Lerner

Date Aired: August 2, 1990

Plot Summary:  Holling and Shelly decide to get married, while Maurice and Joel try to seal a business deal.

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Northern Exposure: 1.3 Soapy Sanderson

In this episode of The Alaskan Riviera, we discuss the third episode of Northern Exposure.

Episode: 1.3

Title: "Soapy Sanderson"

Written by: Karen Hall (from a story by Karen Hall and Jerry Stahl)

Directed by: Steve Cragg

Date Aired: July 26, 1990

Plot Summary:  Maggie and Joel are recipients of a generous inheritance, while Ed discovers the wonders of filmmaking.

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In this episode of The Alaskan Riviera, we discuss the second episode of Northern Exposure.

Episode: 1.2

Title: "Brains, Know-How and Native Intelligence"

Written by: Stuart Stevens

Directed by: Peter O'Fallon

Date Aired: July 19, 1990

Plot Summary:  Ed asks Joel to help his ailing uncle, while Chris is fired from his radio show because of an American poet. Meanwhile, Joel has plumbing trouble and has to ask for Maggie's help.

Show Notes: Archived articles about Northern Exposure can be read at Moosechick's website, and "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd" by Walt Whitman can be read in its entirety from the Poetry Foundation.

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In the premiere podcast episode of The Alaskan Riviera, we discuss the first episode of Northern Exposure.

Episode: 1.1

Title: "The Pilot"

Written by: Joshua Brand and John Falsey

Directed by: Joshua Brand

Date Aired: July 12, 1990

Plot Summary:  Joel Fleischman, a doctor from New York, arrives in Alaska to fulfill his medical school financial obligation by working as a doctor in Anchorage, Alaska, for four years. However, upon arrival, he is quickly sent to the small town of Cicely, on the 'Alaskan Riviera'.

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The Alaskan Riviera: A Northern Exposure Podcast

Hello folks, and welcome to the Alaskan Riveria. In this podcast, we will be discussing each episode of one of our favourite shows, Northern Exposure, which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS. 

We hope you join us on this journey; you'll see beautiful vistas, experience the eccentricities of small town Alaska, and meet fascinating locals you're sure to remember in the rest of your days.

Pull up a chair at The Brick, order a moose burger, sit back, and relax.

Your hosts are On and Shane, two Canadians from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

If you would like to share your thoughts or ideas about the podcast, email us at alaskanriviera(at) 


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