The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.

Episode: 5.17

Title: Una Volta in L'Inverno

Written by: Jeff Melvoin

Directed by: Michael Vittes

Aired: March 7, 1994

Log line: Joel and Maggie are forced to take refuge in an airfield shack during a snowstorm; Ruth-Anne studies Italian with Shelly as her unlikely tutor; Walt becomes addicted to a special light visor to help his depression.

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Episode: 4.16

Title: Ill Wind

Written by: Jeff Melvoin

Directed by: Rob Thompson

Aired: February 15, 1993

Log line: Drastic tension between Maggie and Joel; Maurice is unhappy when Chris saves his life; Ed is intrigued by death. 

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Episode: 4.4

Title: Heroes

Written by: Jeffrey Vlaming

Directed by: Chuck Braverman

Aired: October 19, 1992

Log line: Chris must decide what to do with his deceased friend’s remains. A heavy-metal rock star mistakenly arrives in Cicely instead of Sicily.

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Episode: 4.3

Title: Nothing's Perfect

Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired: October 12, 1992

Log line: Chris kills a dog with his truck and quickly falls in love with its owner. Maurice buys an extremely expensive Augsburg clock and with its delivery comes a highly trained specialist to install it.  

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Episode: 4.2

Title: Midnight Sun

Written by: Geoffrey Neigher

Directed by: Michael Katleman

Aired: October 5, 1992

Log line: Joel is "light loony" and, with his enormous amount of excess energy, coaches the Cicely Quarks in their annual basketball game against Sleetmute. An old friend drops in to visit Ruth-Anne and outfits the town from his collection of fashionable ensembles.

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Episode: 3.23

Title: Cicely 

Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider 

Directed by: Rob Thompson

Aired: May 18, 1992

Log line: Joel stumbles upon an elderly sage who tells him the story of Cicely's creation. 

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Episode: 3.22

Title: Our Wedding

Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider 

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired: May 11, 1992

Log line: Adam and Eve decide to wed for the baby's sake; Maggie avoids Joel like the plague, still believing that they slept together in Juneau; Officer Semanski serves Maurice with an official complaint. 

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In this episode, we discuss the Northern Exposure and its oft compared counterpart, Twin Peaks. 

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In this wrap up of season one, we discuss common themes, favourites and least favourites.

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The Alaskan Riviera: A Northern Exposure Podcast

Hello folks, and welcome to the Alaskan Riveria. In this podcast, we will be discussing each episode of one of our favourite shows, Northern Exposure, which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS. 

We hope you join us on this journey; you'll see beautiful vistas, experience the eccentricities of small town Alaska, and meet fascinating locals you're sure to remember in the rest of your days.

Pull up a chair at The Brick, order a moose burger, sit back, and relax.

Your hosts are On and Shane, two Canadians from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

If you would like to share your thoughts or ideas about the podcast, email us at alaskanriviera(at) 


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