The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.

We have finally reached the end of Season Three. In this podcast episode, we discuss themes and arcs of the season, and we reveal our favourite and least favourite moments, characters...all will be revealed.

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Episode: 3.21

Title: It Happened in Juneau

Written by: David Assael

Directed by: Michael Katleman

Aired: May 4, 1992

Log line: Things heat up between Joel and Maggie when they are forced to share a hotel room; Chris and his brother Bernard for the first time are not in perfect synch with each other. 

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Episode: 3.20

Title: The Final Frontier

Written by: Jeffrey Vlaming

Directed by: Tom Moore

Aired: April 27, 1992

Log line: Much to Holling's dismay Ed discovers that Jesse the bear has died; Japanese tourists infiltrate Cicely; a package that has traveled the world arrives in Cicely addressed to an unknown person.  

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Episode: 3.19

Title: Wake Up Call

Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider 

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired: March 23, 1992

Log line: The coming of spring brings love to Maggie, a new skin to Shelly and a reminder to Joel of the importance of blending compassion with his scientific knowledge.  

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Episode: 3.18

Title: My Mother, My Sister

Written by: Kate Boutilier and Mitchell Burgess

Directed by: Rob Thompson

Aired: March 16, 1992

Log line: Shelly's mother drops in unexpectedly with her new twenty-four-year-old husband, a baby abandoned in Joel's waiting room is temporarily adopted by the townspeople, and Adam undergoes the same changes as his pregnant wife.

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Episode: 3.17

Title: Lost and Found

Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed by: Steve Robman 

Aired: March 9, 1992

Log line: Joel discovers his cabin is haunted, Eve is worried that she is suffering from an exotic illness, and Maurice is disappointed when his old friend from Korea turns out to be less than perfect.

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Episode: 3.16

Title: The Three Amigos

Written by:  Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess

Directed by: Matthew Nodella

Aired:  March 2, 1992

Log Line: The death of a rugged hunting companion sends Holling and Maurice into the wilderness to make good on a promise to bury him miles from civilization at a paradise called No-Name Point.

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Episode: 3.15

Title: Democracy in America 

Written by:  Jeff Melvoin

Directed by: Michael Katleman

Aired:  February 24, 1992

Log Line: Mayoral incumbent Holling is stung by the news that he has a formidable opponent, old friend Edna Hancock, who's got a bee in her bonnet over a promise he never kept. The election also finds Shelly testing the aphrodisiac of power, Ed anticipating his first time voting, and Joel and Maggie arguing party politics.  

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Episode: 3.14

Title: Burning Down the House

Written by:  Robin Green 

Directed by: Rob Thompson

Aired:  February 3, 1992

Log Line: Maggie receives a double dose of disaster when her mother accidentally burns down her house after announcing she is divorcing Maggie's father. Meanwhile, Chris searches for the "right" cow as part of his new piece of performance art.

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Episode: 3.13

Title: Things Become Extinct

Written by:  Robin Green (from a story by Mitchell Burgess)

Directed by: Dean Parisot

Aired:  January 20, 1992

Log Line: A study in self-examination brings on a mid-life crisis for Holling, opens up another door for Ed, and leaves Joel feeling culturally isolated.

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Episode: 3.12

Title: Our Tribe

Written by:  David Assael

Directed byLee Shallat

Aired:  January 13, 1992

Log Line: Joel reluctantly undergoes a cultural conversion after receiving a goat as a gift from a grateful village elder, who insists on "adopting" him into her tribe, and a mysterious Holling shuts down the Brick, ostensibly to wax the floors. 

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Episode: 3.11

Title: Dateline Cicely

Written by:  Jeff Melvoin

Directed byMichael Fresco

Aired:  January 6, 1992

Log Line: Maurice goes out on a limb to spice up his newspaper’s coverage by hiring an unnamed reporter given to clandestine meetings. Maggie talks to trees, but Joel won’t listen, and to ease Holling’s tax debts, Chris becomes a partner at the Brick, where he sets about sprucing up the place.

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Episode: 3.10

Title: Seoul Mates

Written by:  Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed by: Jack Bender

Aired:  December 16, 1991

Log Line: Maurice, dreading being alone for the holidays, gets a big surprise when his gift is an instant family of his own. Meanwhile Maggie, dreading being with her family, gets a big surprise when her parents opt for a Caribbean Christmas without her.

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Episode: 3.9

Title: Get Real

Written by:  Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed byMichael Katleman 

Aired:  December 9, 1991

Log Line: Magic is in the air when the circus comes to Cicely. Marilyn becomes romantically involved with The Flying Man, while Holling fears his passion for Shelly may be waning when he realizes her feet are big. 

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Episode: 3.8

Title: A-Hunting We Will Go

Written by:  Craig Volk

Directed by: Bill D'Elia

Aired:  November 18, 1991

Log Line: After grousing about the hunting frenzy sweeping Cicely, Joel sees firsthand what it's all about by outfitting himself to join Chris and Holling for the primal ritual in the wilds. Holling, however, prefers the home fires to the campfire, while, back in town, Ed fears that Ruth-Anne is being stalked by the Grim Reaper. 

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Episode: 3.7


Written by:  Dennis Koening

Directed by: Sandy Smolan 

Aired:  November 11, 1991

Log Line: Joel grapples with the possibility of a new start with his old love when his ex-fiancee Elaine visits Cicely; Bernard brings Chris is inheritance from their father, giving Chris the opportunity to go to Africa, as his dreams have told him to; and Adam becomes the chef at Holling’s Bar.

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Episode: 3.6

TitleThe Body in Question

Written by:  Henry Bromell

Directed by: David Carson

Aired:  November 4, 1991

Log Line: A frozen body discovered in the local river could cause a world-wide historical revolution: was Napoleon really at Waterloo or was he ice fishing near Cicely and fathering a tribe of French-speaking Native Americans?

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Episode: 3.5

TitleJules et Joel

Written by:  Stuart Stevens

Directed by: Jim Hayman

Aired:  October 28, 1991

Log Line: Joel’s twin brother Jules, a charming but conniving rogue, creates a stir when he arrives in quiet Cicely to visit his sibling.

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We discussed 3.4 "Animals R Us" in a previous podcast episode, which you can find here.  And we wrote a blog post comparing the shooting script and the final episode, which you can find here

This podcast episode is an audio commentary for "Animals R Us" that is meant to be played while you watch the episode. We will give you a countdown so you will begin the episode at the same moment as us. That way, we will all be in sync. As we watch the events of 3.4 unfold together, we will comment on what we are seeing; we tried to make these comments significantly different from what we discussed in our earlier podcast episode and blog post, though that was challenging. This is an experiment that was fun for us to do -- and really made sense for an episode that is so focused on cinema and even features Ed and Grandma Woody commenting on a film they are watching (Dryer's Ordet). 

Sit back and re-watch this episode with us. It's not quite as much fun as if we were Ed and Grandma Woody, but it was an entertaining experience. Maybe we'll try it again some time. 

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Episode: 3.4

TitleAnimals R Us

Written by:  Robin Green

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired:  October 14, 1991

Log Line: Maggie is confronted with the strange possibility that the late Rick has been reincarnated as a dog; Maurice sees big profits in big eggs when he discovers Marilyn owns an ostrich herd; and Ed seriously considers getting out of show business.

For more about the episode, visit our blog.


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Episode: 3.3

TitleOy, Wilderness

Written by:  Robin Green

Directed by: Miles Watkins

Aired:  October 7, 1991

Log Line: Joel is a reluctant survival student when he and Maggie become stranded in the wilderness. Shelly’s best friend Cyndy comes to Cicely asking Shelly to divorce Wayne, because Cyndy has been married to him for six months.

For more about the episode, visit our blog.

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Episode: 3.2

TitleOnly You

Written by:  Ellen Herman

Directed by: Bill D'Elia

Aired:  September 30, 1991

Log Line: Chris emits a sexual scent which causes all women to lust after him—all but the visiting optometrist.  Perplexed by her lack of attraction, Chris suddenly wants only her. Maurice once again accuses Holling of stealing Shelly from him, leaving only Shelly to set the record straight.

For more about the episode, visit our blog.

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Episode: 3.1

Title: The Bumpy Road to Love

Written by:  Martin Sage and Sybil Adelman

Directed by: Nick Marck

Aired:  September 23, 1991

Log Line: Maggie discovers the late Rick was unfaithful and proceeds to distrust all men; Maurice's tax indiscretion could destroy his relationship with Officer Semanski; while Joel is toted off to the woods to play marriage counselor to wildman-chef extraordinaire Adam and his hypochrondiacal wife, Eve.

For more about the episode, visit our blog.

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