The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.

Episode: 6.3

Title: Shofar, So Good

Written by: Jeff Melvoin

Directed by: James Hayman

Aired: October 3, 1994

Log line: The ghost of Yom Kippur allows Joel to examine his present, past and even future behaviour - and the effects are haunting. 

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Episode: 6.2

Title: Eye of the Beholder

Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess

Directed by: Jim Charleston

Aired: September 26, 1994

Log line: Ed takes a part-time job as a private investigator but is troubled by his first surveillance; an auction for the expansion of the Cicely library brings unexpected consequences for both buyers and donors.

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Episode: 6.1

Title: Dinner at Seven Thirty

Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed by: Michael Fresco

Aired: May 23,1994

Log line: Joel encounters an alternate reality in Manhattan after accidentally drinking one of Ed's healing creations.

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We have finally reached the end of Season Five. In this podcast episode, we discuss themes and arcs of the season, and we reveal our favourite and least favourite moments, major and guest characters, dream sequences, etc. All will be revealed.

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