The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.

Episode: 3.14

Title: Burning Down the House

Written by:  Robin Green 

Directed by: Rob Thompson

Aired:  February 3, 1992

Log Line: Maggie receives a double dose of disaster when her mother accidentally burns down her house after announcing she is divorcing Maggie's father. Meanwhile, Chris searches for the "right" cow as part of his new piece of performance art.

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Episode: 3.13

Title: Things Become Extinct

Written by:  Robin Green (from a story by Mitchell Burgess)

Directed by: Dean Parisot

Aired:  January 20, 1992

Log Line: A study in self-examination brings on a mid-life crisis for Holling, opens up another door for Ed, and leaves Joel feeling culturally isolated.

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Episode: 3.12

Title: Our Tribe

Written by:  David Assael

Directed byLee Shallat

Aired:  January 13, 1992

Log Line: Joel reluctantly undergoes a cultural conversion after receiving a goat as a gift from a grateful village elder, who insists on "adopting" him into her tribe, and a mysterious Holling shuts down the Brick, ostensibly to wax the floors. 

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The Alaskan Riviera is interviewing Northern Exposure fans, and people who have been inspired to work on a project related to the show. This week, we talk to Chris Valley and Stephanie White, who happen to run three (!) Northern Exposure Facebook Pages:

Northern Exposure Philosophy

Ed Chigliak

KBHR's Chris and Bernard

Check out Chris and Stephanie's answers to our Northern Exposure questionnaire on our blog.

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Episode: 3.11

Title: Dateline Cicely

Written by:  Jeff Melvoin

Directed byMichael Fresco

Aired:  January 6, 1992

Log Line: Maurice goes out on a limb to spice up his newspaper’s coverage by hiring an unnamed reporter given to clandestine meetings. Maggie talks to trees, but Joel won’t listen, and to ease Holling’s tax debts, Chris becomes a partner at the Brick, where he sets about sprucing up the place.

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Episode: 3.10

Title: Seoul Mates

Written by:  Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Directed by: Jack Bender

Aired:  December 16, 1991

Log Line: Maurice, dreading being alone for the holidays, gets a big surprise when his gift is an instant family of his own. Meanwhile Maggie, dreading being with her family, gets a big surprise when her parents opt for a Caribbean Christmas without her.

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