The Alaskan Riviera is a Northern Exposure podcast by Hazel and On. Each show discusses an episode of the American television show which ran from 1990-1995 on CBS.

In this episode, we discuss the Northern Exposure and its oft compared counterpart, Twin Peaks. 

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In this wrap up of season one, we discuss common themes, favourites and least favourites.

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Episode: 1.8

Title: Aurora Borealis

Written by:  Charles Rosin

Directed by:  Peter O'Fallon

Aired:  August 30, 1990

Plot Summary:  The whole town is troubled by the full moon. Joel is stranded in the wilderness at night and encounters a surprising figure, while Chris finds a surprising connection with a visiting stranger from Portland.

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Episode: 1.7

Title: A Kodiak Moment

Written by:  Steve Wasserman and Jessica Klein

Directed by:  Max Tash

Aired:  August 23, 1990

Plot Summary: Maurice contemplates his own mortality, Holling is on the hunt for Jesse the Bear, and Maggie and Joel lead a childbirth class.

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Episode: 1.6

Title: "Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes"

Written by: Joshua Brand and John Falsey

Directed by: Sandy Smolan

Date Aired: August 16, 1990

Plot Summary:  Shelly's hockey-playing husband makes a surprise visit, Rick thinks he might be the next victim of Maggie's curse, and Ed has writer's block.

Show Notes: Elaine Miles talks about her dancing scene in Radiance Magazine here.

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